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How To Make Tahu Telur (Make a Dish Indonesia)

How To Make Tahu Telur (Make a Dish Indonesia)
How To Make Tahu Telur
How To Make Tahu Telur (Make a Dish Indonesia)  - This all-time East Javanese comfort food is prepared by dipping dice-shaped white tofu in whisked egg, to be followed by deep¬ frying. It is then placed on a bed of steamed bean sprouts, sprinkled with celery cuts, and showered with peanut-based sauce. For good measure, fans add sweet soy sauce and fried shallots. In Surabaya, some sellers add a little shrimp paste to enrich the flavor. Condiments usually include cucumber pickles and colorful tapioca crackers.

INGREDIENTS (serves 6 - 8): 1 Portion = 471 calories
  • 400 grams tofu
  • 8 eggs, scrambled
  • ¾ teaspoons pepper
  • ¾ teaspoons salt
  • Cooking oil
  • 5-6 pcs bird's eye chilies, fried
  • 2 pcs red chilies, fried
  • 4 cloves garlic cloves, fried
  • 2 tablespoons peanuts, fried
  • 1 ½ teaspoons palm sugar, thinly sliced
  • 2-3 tablespoons dark shrimp paste
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
  • 100 cc water
  • 150 grams cucumber, deseeded, cut in dices by the size of 1cm
  • 200 grams bean sprouts, roots removed. Place the bean sprouts in boiling water for less than one minute, then drain them
  • 4 tablespoons fried shallots
  • 2-3 celery stalks, thinly sliced
  1. Cut tofu in dices of 1 ½ cm. Fry it until half-cooked, remove and sat aside. Divide the tofu into 6-8 servings. Mix one part of tofu with one part of the scrambled egg.
  2. Heat cooking oil in wok, place one part of tofu, round-shaped. Fry until well cooked. Remove and drain. Repeat the same process to the remaining tofu. Add more cooking oil, if necessary..
  3. Peanut sauce: Blend well garlic and chilies. Add the fried peanuts, continue grinding. Add the dark shrimp paste, salt, sweet soy sauce and palm sugar. Thin it out with water, mix well.
  4. Prepare the egg tofu on a plate, scatter bean sprouts and cucumber on top. Pour the peanut sauce on top, sprinkle with fried shallots and celery. Serve immediately.
How To Make Tahu Telur (Make a Dish Indonesia) 

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