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How to Make Gudeg (Make a dish Indonesia)

How to Make Gudeg (Make a dish Indonesia)
How to Make Gudeg (Make a dish Indonesia)
How to Make Gudeg (Make a dish Indonesia) - Usually I always post about tourism place in Jogja, but in this post I wan to tell you about the traditional food from this city, this is a “Gudeg”, this food is well known in Jogjakarta. We can find a lot of food seller offer this food. We can feel the exotic taste from this food. And, okay, come on , I want tell you how to make a GUDEG,

But before that, prepare these ingredients :
1.       1 ½ kg jack fruit, slice
2.       1 tablespoon of tamarind, added with a little hot water
3.       2 tablespoon of brown sugar, liquefy with a little hot water
4.       6 sheet salam leaf
5.       1 liter coconut milk
6.       1 teaspoon salt
7.       8 onions
8.       4 garlic
9.       ¼ teaspoon corianders
10.     ¼ teaspoon caraway (jinten)
11.    10 candlenut
12.    2 tablespoon frying oil

1.       boiled young jackfruit up to ripe, lift, leak, then cast aside
2.       dulcify the onion, garlic, coriander, caraway,  and candlenut, then
          cast aside.
3.       heat oil, then insert ingredient that refined, tamarind water,
          brown sugar,  and salam leaf, cooked up to ripe.
4.       insert jackfruit, stir, then add the salt, stir again.
5.       Pour the coconut milk, stir, then ripe until sauce coagulates and
          stir sometimes,
6.       And at last, gudeg ready to serve
How to Make Gudeg (Make a dish Indonesia)

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