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How to Make Rendang (Make a dish Indonesia)

How to Make Rendang (Make a dish Indonesia)
How to Make Rendang (Make a dish Indonesia)
How to Make Rendang (Make a dish Indonesia) - Indonesia have thousands of Island, the second biggest Island is Sumatera. Sumatera is divided into six Provinces, and one of them is West Sumatera. There is a famous city at this province named Padang City. Besides richness of customs and many good destinations, Padang has hundreds of food recipes. If you visiting Padang City one time, don't forget to taste The Padang Cuisine. Padang Cuisine one of the famous Indonesian culinary. Padang was famous with the spicy foods that is Rendang, base material rendang from egg or meat and red pepper. I am sure after having a meal Rendang your sight will be more bright, and you can refresh your mind.....of course after that you can do your activity with fresh, fresh.... hah!

Here is complete recipe:
For 4 portions serving:
- ¼ kg. Meat
- 4 cloves red onion
- red pepper (as your desire)
- chili (as your desire)
- 3 cloves garlic
- 4 - 5 cloves candlenut
-1 stick lemongrass
- 3 pcs lemon leaf
- 1 clove ginger plant
- salt
- sugar palm
- Flavoring
- vegetable oil
- coconut milk

Cooking instructions:
Slice meat as your desire and then clean it.
Boiling water then put meat inside and let it boil for 15 minutes
Raises meat (in order it more tender)
Pound all of ingredients or spices except lemongrass, lemon leaf and ginger plant.
Fry all of ingredients, put inside lemongrass, lemon leaf and ginger plant let it up to good smell, then put meat inside pour coconut milk sufficiently.
Cooking its up to water shrink, then rendang spicy ready for serving.
How to Make Rendang (Make a dish Indonesia)

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